Veil Of The Falls

“Have you tried to see through the powerful mist? Listened to the force of the water cascading? Felt the droplets spray your face? That’s the power and beauty behind the veil of the falls. I remember once in Hawaii standing behind a tall waterfall and being showered by it’s spray! Here on the west coast, large falls draw crowds and create nervous anticipation. The strength of water is amazing with it’s carving force and flowing grace. In this painting, I created contrast with small calm areas this time and more texture and variety in bigger areas. Soft yellow starts at the base and then carries the eye up to the ridge line. There’s a kaleidoscope effect in this piece as passages angle in and out. Shapes move and it’s unclear why. Drips happen. Controlled and not controlled. Charcoal lines push firmer darks. Angles are oblique and squared. Is that a cliff? Is that a waterfall? Where’s the water going? I love creating questions for the viewer. An experience to behold while imparting a feeling at the same time. I see a face….someone says. I see a ridge, mist and water and it’s being held in from all around…. says another. We experience paintings like we experience life; varied and as our own. Pushing our view on another is fruitless and staying fluid is important. Being like water. Going with the flow yet being a powerful force at the same time. And seeing beyond what’s there. Behind the words is usually the truth. How often do we go behind the falls and look out at the distorted beauty? Or experience a new reality by putting ourselves in challenging places? Veil Of The Falls reminds me to do these. Take risks. Look for beauty beyond. ” – Patty Ripley on Veil Of The Falls, available at The Avenue Gallery, Victoria, BC